Do you quilt alone- but not intentionally? Are you wondering if there are quilters like you right down the block, or just across town? Are you surrounded by good-intentioned family and friends who just don’t get the work you put into that quilt you gave them? If you said yes to any of these questions, it might be time for you to JOIN Red Rock Modern Quilt Guild!

Our Guild is full of people who are cut from the same cloth, sharing the same passion for fabric, sewing, color, and beauty. You’ll likely discover an array of aesthetics and skill levels among the group—not to mention a patchwork quilt of personalities—and it’s all part of the fun! The common thread lies in the eagerness to share stories about quilt-making. And we promise, this group will understand all the hard work you put into a project!

What do quilt guilds and groups do?
Here are just a few of the activities and events you might find happening at our local quilt guild meeting.

• Quilt or Block Challenges
• Teacher Lectures
• Fat Quarter/Fabric Swaps
• Quilt Shows
• Charity Quilt Drives
• Local Quilt Shop Discounts
• Sewing Days
• Member Demonstrations
• Member Sew-and-Tell
• Games, Parties, and More!